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“Market Chaos Could Help Housing Sector” ~ a article by Tony Wong is a Canadian financial website powered by

Canadian journalist Tony Wong recently spoke with Lance, a member of the U.S.-based Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, regarding the potential positive impact of the chaotic stock market on the housing sector. In the article, Lance discussed his belief that investment in real estate may benefit from the actions of those who are looking for a safe haven…

“The sell-off of stocks is a clear signal that people are not confident in the future and want safety now. What has also happened in the past declines in the stock market is a flight to quality,” said Dore. “Real estate tends to be the recipient as part of this flight. Real estate values are at all-time lows with returns at all-time highs. The convergence of excess cash due to stock sell-off and corporations flush with cash for investment will push these excess funds into the inevitable diversification to real estate.”

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“Market Chaos Could Help Housing Sector”

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